Stop wasting your weekends looking for a home that has everything you want. They're impossible to find. Parker LLC is a custom home builder in Eagle, McCall & Boise, ID. We'll create what you need from the ground up and be there every step of the way.

You don't have to settle for a house that meets some of the items on your must-have list. Starting from scratch enables you to get exactly what you need for your budget. We'll serve as a central point of contact to answer all your questions and get your input on all the finishes. Schedule an appointment with a home builder in Eagle, McCall & Boise, ID.

5 reasons to build a new home

An experienced general contractor will pay attention to detail when it comes to every part of your home, from the flooring and framing to the painting and fixtures. There are various reasons to build a home, including:


Getting more for your money


Meeting your exact needs


Having a new warranty on everything


Choosing a layout that you'll love


Lowering the maintenance requirements

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